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The Red Sea boasts some wonderful underwater life and one of the most northern coral reefs in the world. A selection of diving clubs offer scuba diving and snorkeling equipment rental, guided dives and a variety of courses

A selection of diving clubs are located along the Eilat coast, each offering beginner courses (one and two star courses that last between 5 days and a week) that give you an international diving license and advanced courses that will allow you to dive in more challenging environments and even become assistant diving instructors or full diving instructors yourselves, if you have the time and the inclination. The diving course is quite a demanding experience and will take a lot of your time and energy, but it is also a very rewarding experience that will introduce you to the silent wonders of the sea.

If you have only a limited amount of time to see what this specific patch of Red Sea has to offer, you could always opt for an introductory diving course (or as the clubs call it an “intro”). On such an "intro", a diving instructor takes you on a one on one dive to a specific underwater location and gives you a taste of the diving experience.

If you are already an experienced diver, the scuba diving clubs offer equipment, guides and instructions on how to reach some of the finest diving locations in the Eilat Bay.

Among the most beautiful diving sites are:

The Japanese Gardens: This impressive nature reserve, which can be accessed only with a guide, allows you to choose between a deeper and shallower option and boasts a variety of fish and corals.

The Satil boat: This old sunken military ship, which offers a 24m wreck dive, is yet another intriguing diving site in Eilat that attracts a variety of fish (pipe fish, lion fish and more).

The Caves: A very shallow (4-6m) and very colorful dive just off the southern beach with plenty of fish and corals and the added excitement of passing through the narrow rocks.

Most diving clubs also offer one day excursions to the Coral Island in Sinai and the Aqaba Bay as well as full 3-4 day diving safaris in Sinai, which boasts some fantastic diving sites.

These are some of the best diving clubs in Eilat (most are located near the Coral Beach):

Red Sea Sports (Manta Diving Center), Coral Beach, 08-6370688 (the Red Sea Sports Club also offer a variety of water sport activities, and yacht cruises)

Deep Siam Diving Club, Bar Beach, Tel: 08-6323636

Aqua Sport, Aqua Sport Beach (next to Club Med), Tel: 08-6364404

Reef Diving Group the Village Beach (next to the Coral Beach) and in the Dolphin Reef, Tel: 08-6376787

Diver’s Village, opposite the Coral Beach, Tel: 08-6372268

Coral Sea Divers, opposite the Coral Beach, Tel: 08-6370337

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